City Management App

An all-in-one platform to help the City in achieving its Local Government metric requirements, assist in the completion of sustainable development plans and support effective City Governance.

CityServ is helping the local government innovate public service and affairs with city-specific content, providing citizen information, and industry platforms, public facilities data, and tourism rich content. CityServ's mission is to promote and better serve the local communities - for the people, by the people.

  • Citizen Reporting

    Allows user to capture image using the phone to report incidents the image goes directly to the web application accessed by Admin users

  • Weather

    Daily weather reports.

  • City Calendar of Events

    List of Events with push notification

  • News

    City News and City Announcements (push notification)

  • Directory

    List of Government, NGO and Service establishments with contact details

  • CCTV Live Viewing

    Allows the User of the App to view the CCTV live on their devices

  • Traffic Update

    Push notification of Current Traffic Situation

  • Tourism Where to’s

    List of Events with push notification