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Transform our Local Government Units by scaling your perfect City Services/Solutions digitally! We offer a FREE 3 month trial for the month of March upon availment of SQL Server 2016 for on premise/Hybrid or SQL Azure on cloud solutions.

Deploy your CityServ LGU solution in 3 ways:

Cityserv application can be deployed in multiple type of server infrastructure.

on Cloud

(Microsoft Azure)

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  • Azure App Services
  • Azure SQL
  • Azure Storage


(Microsoft Azure + Local Server)

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    • Azure App Services
    • Azure SQL
    • Azure Storage
    • Windows Server 2016
      (for the Local Machine OS)
    • IIS 8.0 and above
      (for the Application Local Server)
    • SQL Server 2016
      (for the Local Database Server)

on Premise

(Local Server)

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Applications Features

CityServ Employs Technology To Improve Citizen Services, Encourage Engagement And Enhance Transparency.

Features Basic (FREE) Advanced Custom Development
Citizen Reporting
Allows user to capture image using the phone to report incidents the image goes directly to the web application accessed by Admin users
Daily weather reports
City Calendar of Events
List of Events with push notification
City News and City Announcements (push notification)
List of Government, NGO and Service establishments with contact details
CCTV Live Viewing
Allows the user of the app to view the CCTV live on their devices
Traffic Update
Push notification of current traffic situation
Tourism Where To’s
List of Events with push notification
City Services
Choose among the available services we had already developed (for Assessor's Office and Mayor's Action Center)